Kanban - We do it best

TFC offers an optimized Kanban system that significantly improves your production performance and delivers exactly what you need when you need it.

Our Kanban expertise offers customers significant benefits by reducing the cost of buying, storing and handling a wide range of inexpensive fasteners and accessories. With a reduced supplier base, minimal inventory, and instantly available line-quality approved products, customers can save a variety of hidden administration and transaction costs.

We are aware that a uniform approach for VMI is not the answer. Our logistics systems have therefore been designed to offer a flexible management system that meets your specific requirements.

Your advantages:

  • On-time production
  • Smarter warehousing
  • Reduction in supply
  • Positive cash flow benefits
  • Experienced VMI logistics consultants
  • Competent support and a dedicated account manager


"We chose TFC for our VMI system because it has proven to be superior in every way to what other companies offer."

Construction and Agricultural Science

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For more information about our VMI service, call us on +49 (0) 7731 676 50 or send an email to bochum@tfc.eu.com